Polling2: Never write another polling function

Release v0.5.0.

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Polling2 is a powerful python utility used to wait for a function to return when the specified condition is met.


polling2 is available from Pypi.:

python -m pip install polling2


Watch polling do some arbitrary dances:

>> import polling2, time
>> # Wait until the number of seconds (ignoring milliseconds) is divisible by 5.
>>  polling2.poll(target=time.time, check_success=lambda x: int(x) % 5 == 0, step=0.5, timeout=6)
>> # Lets use the decorator version to create a function that waits until the next even second.
>> @polling2.poll_decorator(check_success=lambda x: int(x) % 2 == 0, step=0.5, timeout=6)
... def even_time():
...     return time.time()
>> even_time()
>> even_time()

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